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Welcome to Ashburton Forks Railway 

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Ashrail.com is going to take a break for a while & will be updated again in Novemember 2018. There are several reasons for this but the main one is I need to sort out a new format for the site & before this is done a break is called for. There will be notification of a new NZR locomotive with a very significant history to be built, more rolling stock & structures. So hopefully we will see you all back next month, and in the meantime, 


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About This Site.
  This site will promote 1:24 scale modelling, mainly New  Zealand & Philippine prototypes but have ventured out to the odd  free lance model. I hope you will enjoy the site and it gives you the inspiration to have ago at scratch building........ 


About The Railway.
   The AFR is a 3rd time lucky railway with the first 2 being learning curves & a lot of fun on the way. The 2nd Railway was abandoned and pulled up after AFR management decided to modify it's operation & increase the running length of its mainline. The managements main interest is the NZR & PNR rolling stock which will be the main stay of the roster with the freelance models being a close 3rd, but also keeping things interesting I will be running USA Trains 1:29 for the long trains. The kids are not left out with Thomas & his friends also riding the rails, this is to add a bit of variation to the running of trains for the visitors to the railway.

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