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AFR 2000 Class....

Well it has happened the AFR is building freelance diesels, why well the main reason is cost. We are after something cheap & quickish to get into service & of course something different to what is on the market. I came up with this design as a compact diesel was required, the aristo-craft FB unit fitted the 2 requirements. These units seem to be the cheapest medium size diesels selling on e-bay plus there were plenty to choose from under the required budget.


Above Left; In due course the FB arrived safe & sound, it was tested on the railway with everyone quite empressed with its preformence. But the day arrived when it met its fate with a cut off wheel both front & back, we had thought of a single cab but it wasn't suited for point to point running! Above Middle; The roof ends have been capped & extra surports glued in to take the cab, all parts not required were taken off & stored for future projects. Above Right; The cab has been cut out of 1mm styrene.


Above Left; cab has been assembled with a foot step being installed under the door.  Above Middle; Test fitting the first cab in place it is already starting to take shape, I still have to putty & sand. Above Right; An extra pannel has been added to the roof to hide where the fan was as it had to be relocated at the other end between the exhaust & pannel of the 2nd cab.


Above Left; New fan & shroud has been made & relocated, I am still going to use the original fan grille.Above Middle & Right; Here is a before & after shot of the side grille arangement, I replaced the original clear plastic etched grilles with a security door mesh which looks far better. We can also see the posistion of the new cooling fan.


Above Left; I decided to go with a chopper coupling made by 10 Mille in England as these also fit my NZR choppers nicely, plus the big square face gives it a bit of solidness. The cowcatcher has been added awaiting the putty & sanding. Above Middle; Well hand rails , ditch lights, head lights & front lifting lugs have been added also sanding has been done ready for the paint shop!! Above Right; A head on view of all the extra detail.


Above Left; Wasn't happy with the orginal exhaust so made up a new one with a plate to cover the existing hole. Above Middle; Well I did it!! Forgot to get a photo of it in primer grey I was to carried away with the blue I had picked out it slipped my mind completely, next time! The main colour has been added it is a Royal Blue it is a deep blue the flash has made it quite bright in the pic. It is masked up ready for some black to break it a bit. Above Right; Black has been added masking is removed, really starting to take shape now.


Above 3 Pictures; The linning, number & logo has been added. Hand rails need to be painted white, light lenses need to be added & the cab windows need to be put in. Nearly Done!!

The Final Result


Above 3 Pictures; all done! Very pleased with the finished loco, it is a welcomed addition to Ashrails fleet.


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