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The Denver and Rio Grande (D&RG West) West Railroad C16 No268

{Home of 268-Gunnison Pioneer Museum}

This build was not planned but I am always up for a challenge, it started up in Auckland with a couple of modellers deciding to build 2 x C16's, one being 278 & the other 268. Lucky for me 268's owner moved down to the main-land to live near Christchurch & became a member of our local group. After a year or so getting to know each other & exchanging tips, ideas & proceedures on scratch building etc. The conversation turned to 268 & how he was finding it difficult to add the detail to his latest project, I offered to help him out with this & a date was set for him to visit the AFR with 268 in hand. In due course the day came with him bringing 3 boxes under his arm to my shock they were all full of bits, this project was a long way off detailing!! We came to an agreement that I was to take on the project & keep 268 on the AFR's roster with visits to his railway on running days. Now the Work begins!!!! 

268's Tender

268 is no different, when I build a loco I start with the tender 1st & in this case it made sense as most of the pieces were complete. I must mention the other Modeller in Auckland had the job of making the tender tank which he constructed out of brass & what a fantastic result as you will see below! The following 7 pictures below are various angles of the complete tender (as usual forgot to take construction pics) The tender rides on a set of Bachmann C19 tender trucks with AMS knuckle couplings fitted to the tenders frame. The frame for the tender was constructed when I received it with hand made brass steps attached so to complete it I had to plank it all & make/add all the detailing such as pipeing, valves, couplings. Lucky for me there were quite a few castings bought for this project which made life alot easier, as  you can see the ole box staples feature once again with the coupling release fully operational, a very pleasing result. ready for the paint shop!!!


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