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Some pictures on this page are pre-digital camera days!

Above; Dg2330 with Dg2036 North of Dunedin. 

Dg2330 was built by English Electric as an old cab version Dg780 & entered service in Sept 1956. She was re-cabbed & re-entered service in June 1979, it was withdrawn in Dec 1983 & in Feb 1984 she was bought by a  Dunedin scrap dealer for $3000 & after being stripped of usable parts it was scraped..

Below; 4 pictures of Dg2330 on the Ashburton Forks Railway, she entered service Febuary 2003.

Building Dg2330

This loco was my first Diesel & only came about as a result of a comment that was made jokingly to me, it was "your steam locos are good examples but I bet you can't build a diesel" well this comming from a great friend (who has since passed away) got me modelling!!!! The choice was an easy one, I am not to keen on modern diesels & always had a soft spot for the New Cab Dg's often reffered to as 'The Ugly Duckling'. 2330 was chosen as it was the last to have been cut up & I remember seeing it sitting down in Dunedin Loco Dept. As this is another loco that was built before the web site there aren't to many construction pics to share, but enjoy!

The model is built on a LGB White Pass chassis with only the motor mountings & basic bogie frames being used. If you want to see grown men cry tell them you have cut up LGB, That'll do it!!!!!!! I still get reffered to as "Chopper" at Garden Railway gatherings. Below Left & Right; Here is a before & after shot, I started out doing the Bogies modifying them to the Dg style, this is when I relised it was going to take a while! With a steamer you may make 2 of something at the most, but 8 brake cylinders, wow.  These were all constructed using kniting needles & welding wire for the pipe work. 

Below Left; So once I had finished with the hack-saw I was left with bear basics, I used 2mm styrene & started the sides, front & small hood nose of the loco. Below Right; Test run after body shell is nearing completion, this loco was a challenge due to the tappers at each end, that is the body is wider & tappers down to the head stocks which also effects the cab roof & worst of all the curves at the back of the locos roof which can be seen in the next photo looking down on the roof.

Above Left; Looking down on those dreaded curves!! The cooling fan, lifting eyes & roof detail is all in place. Above Right; Rear view shows the lights, handrails in place & the fuel tank has also been added underneath. Shunters steps to be added along with coupling etc.

Above Left; Front view with work on the nose continuing, it is minus its cowcatcher, door, coupling & steps but it is starting to look the part. Above Right; The presure was on as this is the first run with its new colour scheme for a club day in January 2003!! It was an unofficial run as it still needed glazing in the cab & brake hoses fitted, the run was a great sucess with my friend attending, lets say his reaction was Priceless!! 


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