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Q17; (above) was one of 2 Rogers 2-4-4 built for the Rakaia & Ashburton Forks Rly in 1878, as this was a private Rly they were given names Q2 "Stanley"& her sister Q1 "Livingstone". Around 1885 the NGZR purchased the line & company & renumbered the locos, Livingstone became Q51 & Stanley became Q17. They served there last days down in Southland & were written off, Q51 1879 & Q17 1901 so didn't get much of a working life.

Below; 4 pictures of Q17 at home on the Ashburton Forks Railway. The model is painted in the black livery of the early 1900's although she may have not lasted long enough to wear this livery Q17 would have looked very striking all the same! She entered service on the AFR mid May 2004.


Building Q17

I decided to build Q17 as she was one of the pair of 2-4-4 locos built for the Rakaia & Ashburton Forks Rly (after all I did use half there name!!) plus being the the old Methven Branch, not far from where I grew up !

 Above Left; The Aristo-Craft Rogers in the before condition (What a lovely colour scheme!!). Above Right; At the time of building is was working in an engineering workshop hence the steel boiler ( I regreted that decision when try-ing to drill .75mm holes for the rivets, 5 drill bits later!!) The Aristo-Craft Rogers loco was completely stripped, there was a spacer made to go between the motor blocks to giv the correct wheel spacing. The cylinders, front head-stock, running board & foot plate were made from styrene! 

Above Left; This loco had a different cow-catcher to what I had built before so it was a bit of a learning curve but by the time I came to do the 2nd one it was easier. Styrene was the main frame with Alloy tig wire with the ends flattened, drilled & rivetted in place. The centre beam is a piece of flat styrene scored & bent into a V-shape & strengthened with a bit of 2mm welding wire. Above Right; The coal bunker & tank sits half constructed, the round beeding on the top of the tender is the Tig wire with the dress making pins for rivets.


Above Left; The trailing bogie is fabricated out of a bachmann archbar truck with the required detail being made from styrene. Above Right; Being such a long wheel based loco I had to build the back head-stock & cow-catcher on the trailing truck. This swivels under the bunker, doing it this way it can get round a 10ft dia! Below Left; The dreeded fluted sand dome that Rogers is famous for!!! construction was fairly easy with plastic discs top & bottom of a piece of plumbers pipe, the fluted dome was a challenge but was in a craft shop one day & there it was a "chocolate mould" exact size to! I Sellys Kneed It to form the dome with baby powder being used for a release agent. The egg in an egg cup on top was filed down in a drill press with needle files. Below Right; Dome in place & the front of the loco is really taking shape!


Above Left; Funnel has been added, this was spun up on a lathe at work & made from a piece of waste nylon. Above Right; Steam dome in place with whistle! The steam dome top is a deodorant cap with a piece of pipe to form the rest. Check valves are on along with the handrails, I used split pins for the boiler stanchions. Just to the left is the start of the free hand cut light bracket.

Above Right; A nice 3/4 shot displaying the front & left hand side of the loco before painting!  Above Right; Another 3/4 shot this time the back & right hand side!

Above 2 Shots; Cab detail before the roof is attached & looking through into the the cab at foot-plate level. Below; one last shot before the paint shop!! 


This loco has the power pick ups from the motor blocks & also from the trailing truck. The Aristo-Craft front pony truck wheel set was replaced with a USA Trains one with its bigger appearence it looks the part. The loco was a another step forward for the railway with another great preforming loco added to the roster!!


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