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The Ub is a general purpose bogie flat wagon use to carry just about anything, they were built between 1950-53. So far there are more then one running on the railway, thats mainly because they are quite easy to build!! I have the build time down to 11 hours, excluding painting. There is 1 with a truck load, 1 with a timber load (modern, as white printed wrap wasn't around at the time, as pictured above) & of coarse 1 without a load!! 

Above Left; The main runners & ends have been cut from 2mm styrene, the deck is cut from 1mm styrene & scribed into even sections to represent steel pannels along with the ends to for planking. Above Right; Wooden bolsters have been riveted to the ends along with a few detailing rivets. At the bottom of the bolsters a strip of cardboard has been added so it looks like it is fitted into a steel pocket.

Above Left; The runners have been glued to the underside of the deck, tie down lugs have been added to the runners made from styrene. A strong-back of strip wood is in place, this will form the main frame of the wagon. Above Right; A close view of a set of USA Trains bogie (truck) side frames after being altered to make them a bit more NZR!

Above Left; One end with the shunters step & grab rail fitted, more bolsters have been added & you can see the tie down lugs that were added to the runners. Above Right; The brake end shows my brake lever casting that has been lengthened, I use to make all these out of styrene until I read about moulds & casting etc. The grab irons are the trusted 1.2mm mig welding wire.

Above 2 Pictures; The underside of the previous 2 photos, the bogie (truck) bolsters have been fitted, the runners & strong back have had white spouting glue run around them to reinforce the joint.

Above Left; The finished under frame detail & bracing in place. Above Right; NZR coupling is in place with its height packing braced back to the strong back. All ready for the paint shop!!



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