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Coaling Stage

Every Steam Loco Depot needs a coaling stage, this will comprise of a coaling crane & buckets but first thing first we need the surround first!!!


Above Left; The coaling stage walls will be made up of sleepers cut to the height of a open La wago door, they are glued & fixed with pins minus the heads. Below; The ends have a 8mm MDF base to make it a bit stronger, I decided to have the track section for the coaling crane up the middle, I have just spiked this in place to the MDF & reinforced it with a bit of glue. Above Right; I used some off-cuts of rail to form the upright surports & spike them onto place. The MDF, bottom of the up-rights & sleepers will be covered with coal, weeds etc when finished. 

At this stage the inside is complete, to finish the outside I have to run a wire rope around the the top down about 12mm. 


Above Left; A small diameter wire rope is attached around the side using staples made from the off cuts of the dress makers pins! Above Right; Secured in place awaiting the coaling crane & of coarse the coal. Below; Coaling stage sits all finished waiting for the crane & the buckets to be arrive or finished!!

Coaling Buckets

Below Left; These are made from a piece of pipe 38mm inside dia/ 45 outside dia. Below Right; I spun these down in the lathe to a finished height of 40mm & the top ring 42mm. Below the ring is finished to 40mm. 


Below Left; A bottom is glued in position made from 1mm styrene & is finished off by sanding smooth. Below Right; Find the centre of the bucket & mark it on both sides, make a pivot point to mount the lifting handle which is made from tie wire. The eyelets are all form using needle nose pliers & patience. Note the rubber band around the handle to hold together so a larger circle of Styrene can be glued into place.


Below Left; A closer look at the finished lifting detail!! Below Right; 3 completed Buckets ready for painting & filling with coal of coarse!!



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