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2 Beauties Rule the Day!

The following pics are of Ab730 & Ja1268 having sole running rights for the day, I tried to get different shots to get detail for fellow modellers etc. 1268 approches on the mainline while 730 sits patiently in the loop!

New Arrivals Welcome Run!

After a trip to Melbourne I returned back with an LGB White Pass Forney, it was one loco I had not planed on ever getting but lets say the price was right! It would be the largest object that I have had to carry on a plane and what a sight going through the x-ray. 

Above; White Pass No11 on it's 1st train hauling empty stock cars, at this stage we still had no passenger stock but how things are about to change. Below; Not to be out done Ja1268, F72 & A62 all had to get in on the action.

Rocky Creek Railway Visit!

On the 12th of July AFR hosted the a visit from the Rocky Creek Rly of Christchurch, it was an all NZR run.

Above Left; Rocky Creeks logging consist out on the main line, this is battery powered & runs very nicely.  Above Right; A shot of both railways rolling stock, C53 at the head of the Rocky Creek Train.

Above Left; Q17 at the head of the passenger consist of the Rocky Creek Railways, these are 2 lovely built units, a couple more or even a 6 wheeler would make a nice looking train!! Above Right; An unusual looking grouping of motive power!! Q17, C53 & A62 at the head of a early 1900's goods train.

AFRs 10am to 3am Run!

The things we do! On the 3rd, 4th & 5th of January a few friends joined us for a running weekend. The 1st session was from 10am on the 3rd till 3am on the 4th, after a few hours sleep trains were running again at 8am till 7pm, after that we all adjourned inside for a good ole talk session & dvds on the TV as well. The 3rd & final day was just a pack up & catch up, with everyone gone by noon! In all a good weekend was had by all with food & drinks on the go the whole time!!! It could be an annual event me thinks!!! Enjoy the following pictures of some of the visiting trains & also the home based ones.......

Above Left; Double headed  LGB Malllet on a American themed train. Above Right; No you are not seeing double, 2 Stirling Singles (Emily's). 

 Above Left; A European freight made up of bogie rolling stock, also made the roster for the weekend! Above Right; A LGB mogul with frieght on the bottom curve is follow by a 3 truck Shay passing over number 1 bridge.

Above Left; As the sun sets the passenger trains started running all with inside lighting, this European loco has dropped its freight & now heading apassenger special. Above Right; 3 Budd Rail Cars running into the early hours of the morning. 

 Above Left; Big main line American Passenger train heading out under number 2 bridge set for the main passing the loop. Above Right; Ja1268 taking on water, seen here heading a small goods train where she preformed faultlessly for the actual 2km plus run!!!! 

Ja1268's Test Run!

Here are a few pics of 1268 on her test run out side!!


Above Left; 1268 sees the light of day for the first time the Ashburton Forks Railway. Above Right; She looks at home out in the Garden, I had to take it easy as all the bearings were dry so she was driven at a crawl!!


 Above; Taking on water at the vat before the tackling the grade up into the shed.

July 2013's  Frank Roberts Memorial Running Day!

On a warm & fine Sunday 30th a special running day was held on the Railway to remember the late great Frank Roberts a true pioneer to NZR 1/24 modelling. This man was the inspiration for me to get into modelling NZR 1/24 & one day I hope I can get somewhere near the standard of his creations. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures that were taken on the day of the resident locos & the visitors!! In all we had 8 NZR 1/24 locomotives (They were  A, Ab, C, Dg, F, Ja, Q & Tr not bad indeed)  that attend the day with American & European also on the roster.

Above; AFRs A62 on a short goods train at the start of the days run, this is the first time in ages that all AFRs locos had a run on the same day. Below Left; AFRs Rogers Q17 takes charge of her train a bit out of her class with a goods train in tow! Below Right; AFRs F class sneaking through a clearing onto the bridge!

Below Left; AFRs lady of the line Ab730 heading up the back fence grade, later that evening all running stopped due to ice forming on the rails around 6.30pm! Below Right; AFRs only diesel (at this stage) Dg2330 approaching the downhill grade into the sunshine.

Below Left; Rocky Creeks C53 at the head of her mixed train, all 4 wheelers. It is nice to see some 1/24 NZR passenger stock on the Railway in the form of a D car! Below Right; Rocky Creeks Tr174 heads round the bottom loop curve with its goods train.

Below Left; A visiting LGB FA-B-B Southern Pacific heading a 12 total of Shell Plastic Covered Hoppers. Below Right; Another visitor a bachman big hauler conversion to an anniversary chassis with a 4 car passenger train, I to have done one of these conversion & they are fantastic runners. Sorry for those I didn't get round to photograph but was tied up fixing visiting locos, rolling stock & keeping trains running.

Above; At the end of a busy day AFRs Ab730 heads back to the shed

December 2012's  European Running Day!

 On Sunday the 23rd we had a friend visit from Christchurch with some new purchases!!!! So who needs an excuse to run, not us. As you can see some of the Christmas gifts where run before being wrapped & placed under the tree (had to make sure the wheels weren't square!!). Below Left; One of the new items was this German diesel, when I first saw this I thought the shape looked familiar so the last picture in this set of 4 is what you can make!!! Hehehehe............(I hope the owner will see the funny side). Below Right; This little loco has been here before but has had some work done on it & needed to stretch its legs, both are LGB!


Below; The Santa Special!! This was run with the new rolling stock before wrapping to go under the tree, the last 2 items on the train went under the tree so this makes up a nice little passenger for the AFR.

Below; That was the shape, cut it in half slap a set of wings on it & look what you have got????

A Bristol Freighter!! 

October 2012's  Events!

The Christchurch Big Model Train Show was the 1st event AFR attended for October as a Christchurch Garden Railway society member, I supplied a NZR train to run on the Sunday so the tried & tested Below Right; Ab730 was on duty with a nice sized train. Below Left; Ja1268 also made the journey to the Show only to  be displayed in a siding as a work in progress!! This was so that the public could see that some models you see running are built from scratch out of bits & pieces, she did manage to venture up & down the siding a few times!!!  

 On to the 2nd event a private display, this came about from a running day we had last year at the Plains so we thought Bigger maybe better this time!!! We had 4 circuits one for USA, one for European & 2  smaller ones for Thoma & Friends (of course they proved to be most popular by the younger generation). Below Left; 4 LGB Stainz locos haul a passenger train past the loco depot where a Blue Crocodile is sitting waiting for its call to duty. Below Right; My Rugen Shortline was on duty hauling a rake of tankers! 

Below Left; Ab730, Ja1268 & Dg2330 on display, this small table of locos created alot of interest.  Below Left; Last thing after the Public had gone I couldn't resist a test run of Ja1268 on the outer USA track, I was very pleased with the results. It was a good opportunity with the track being made up of all different brands of track.

September 2012's European Running Day!

Saturday 29th saw a European invasion with a couple of locos visiting that have had work done on them over the winter break & needed a test run!!! Good excuse.......

Above; AFRs latest addition hauling a rack of visiting German DB coaches, something I thought I would never see me owning a Europen loco!!!

Above; Another German loco, this time a visiting loco testing out new sound unit that was installed over the winter months, bit of scale difference with my 1:24 scale hoppers used for its train. 

Above; A nice little French loco hauling a mixed train, shame this loco had to go home at the end of the day!

June 2012's White Pass Running Day!

Sunday 3rd of June saw a special get together of White Pass locos to celebrate the arrival of Alco No109 & Plymouth switcher No3 to the AFR. We also had a visiting Catapillar D&RGW switcher to compare the differences to the Plymouth. Of course the normal comparisons were made with the alcos in all there different liveries then the switchers turn came! There are quit a few differences between the 2 & of course my White Pass being made in China the "one liners started" all in good fun!

Above Left; White Pass at its best!! A triple header of alcos head a train down the grade over No02 bridge. Above Right; Sees the Alcos line up for a photo! AFRs 109 & Rays 103 both have factory sound, Dons 110 had its first run out of the box. Below Left; Front on with some missing parts, different couplings being noted but still a great sight! Below Right; The triple header heading through the shed with the D&RGW on the loop looking on.

Below; The 2 switchers have a run!  Note the Plymouth has louvers on the side bonnet doors, side steps are different, extra compresser housing near the front of the Cat, radiator grills different & on the other side of the Plymouth is a loco jack! They are some of the noticeable differences, plus mine is made in China ;-)

April 2012 saw Photo Day on the Railway!

All the photos below are taken by Dave Barker, these are just a few!!


Febuary 2012 saw Dg2330 visit the Rocky Creek Railway!

We had a Club meet at the Rocky Creek Rly in Christchurch & as it is a great railway for photos with its bridges, established garden etc, it was the Dg's turn to get her picture taken!

January 2012 saw F72 running at the head of trains!

Below; Thought it was time to put the F on the roster for the day, she spent all day hauling empties! The new chassis seems to be still hanging in there as it preformed faultlessly!

Below Left; A62 was also out on a shunt note that she now has a driver at the controls! Below Right; Q17 now in charge of F72s train on the new section of ballasted track in the shed.

October 2011 saw the Running of Triple Header Dubs Locos!

ROCKY CREEK RAILWAY was the setting for an evening of Firsts! 3 Dubs locos from 3 different Railways were set to run together for the first time. This was not as simple as it sounds as A62 was track powered, John's A was battery with Aristo-Craft train engineer & Glen's C53 is battery with his own remote system. So, getting all locos running together was a realistic challenge for all 3 drivers!!

Below; 4 pictures of the special train, the rolling stock of 4 wheelers were supplied by Rocky Creek Rly, this was a great evening enjoyed by all!!!

August  2011 saw Snow & Club Day at AFR!

Above Left; A62 hauling Ja1268s tender on a test run on the morning of club day. AboveRight; A LGB Aster Garratt (Visiting Loco) running engine only to check the railways clearances before hooking up to its train. Below; 2 pictures of C53 visiting from the ROCKY CREEK RAILWAY with its rolling stock, I understand that the loco is now battery or power operated & has a sound unit installed with a VERY LOUD whistle!

Below; 15-08-2011 week before Club day snow hits AFR, we had at least 5 to 6 inches which was a good enough excuse to Play Trains!!! F72 can be seen clearing the line just below No2 bridge.

 May 15th 2011 saw American Muscle from Christchurch takes over the AFR!

Above; The battery powered Dash 9 was test run by Don Ellis after his conversion from track power, I was very impressed with its hauling ability! Below Left; 3 train running on the AFR a first!! Top of picture Dash 9 (Battery Powered), middle of picture LGB 0-4-0 shunter (Battery Powered) & bottom of Picture 2 GPs  (Track Powered). Below Right; Dons dash 9 passing over Rays GPs, a great day was had by all with trains running all afternoon! (The track Powered ones any-way ;-) 

2006 in charge of FCD-7s test run on the AFR 16th November 2010.

Above Right; AFRs Rogers Q17 running on ROCKY CREEK RAILWAY this was the October meeting for the 'CGRS'. The bridge in the photo was built by the late Frank Roberts a real pioneer in this scale, some of his models can be seen {Here}.

AFR Hosts 'The Christchurch Garden Railway Groups' monthly club day.

Above Left; C53 visiting from the Rocky Creek railway enjoys a long run. Above Right; A UP 4-6-2 hauls a rake of modified Bachmann Jackson Sharp Cars.

Above Left; Is a USA Trains Hudson, a beautiful model which words can not describe!! Above Right; A classic LGB train consisting of 4-wheelers.

Above Left; LGB mallet, digital sound even the neighbours enjoyed this one. Above Right; C53 & F72 passes the mallet, this is only a small selection of the days running. A great day was had by all.

Ab730's 10th anniversary run with a special outing with G43 on the ore train!

Above Pictures; Ab730's 10yrs of service, has run on all 3 railways that I have built. Is seen here with special head board double heading with G43, AFRs Garrett on the ore train roster. I can not speak highly enough of this loco it has never let me down in any way, it is one of the best preforming locos that I have built. Entered service Sept 2000. 

Looking back to the last run on the old Railway & the last train to run before the track was ripped up!


Above left; is Ab730 heading its last train out of tunnel No1 heading back to the yard. Above Right; Dg2330 in charge in the oppisite direction with its train. Take note of the up & down of the track this is due to frost heave looks good in pictures but limits running.


Above Left; F72 at the other end of tunnel No1 track is starting to get over grown. Above Right; the last train to run on the old AFR was the GP-30 & 38 American Muscle. As you can see the track had started to be taken up & the date, 01-05-2005 all the above pictures were taken around this time


Boxing day 2009 is a good reason for a day of running trains with most of the NZR fleet stretching there wheels.


Above Left; is Ab730 running a small goods train & not to be out done on the Above Right; is A62 heading a light goods.



Dg2330 in charge passing the water vat, Top Left and not forgetting our American roster is GP30 heading a fully   loaded test train of the new Yj hoppers.




Above Left; is Ab730 heading a goods train on 29-09-09. Above Right; Saw snow for the first time on the new AFR on June 2008, so the snow plow was put into action! But as you can see from the pictures above & below there wasn't much.



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