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NZR Rolling Stock    


 NZR wagons and all there rolling stock varied through the ages so I'm modelling a selection of early 1900's up to when all 4 wheeled rolling stock was abolished. All wagons are scratched built either from styrene or molded from resin which I have made the patterns for, we are lucky with NZR as they didn't change alot of there axle boxes, couplings, wheel sets and wagon basics through this time so alot of the parts can be used on different items of rolling stock. I'm trying to to stay around late 50's to late 60's with the rolling stock as this is when it wasn't uncomman to see early 1900's running with late 60's equipment hence a good variety to choose from both 4 wheeled & bogie! 

   M: The M wagon was a general purpose 4 wheeled flat with drop sides which ranged from
   1 to 3 planks high. The one on the left has early axle boxes but the one 0n the right has the
   modern. Through the years the sides were taken off or just lost so we have the variation factor
   again. Once more NZR had the one colour for these Red Oxide.



      La; The La was a common sight on any goods train both steam & diesel. A general purpose wagon there were several versions dating  from early 1900's to this version 1943-52. All my La's are made of resin & white metal parts which I  made the moulds for, so they are  also a common sight on the AFR. The right picture shows an underneath veiw, this is the running gear arrangement on the AFR 4 wheelers.



F; F241 is a 30ft guards van of 1915-26, they were tounge & groove cladding. This
   model has the early style lookouts, it's made completely of styrene which I grooved for the
   T&G effect. The roof is custom wood coated with resin to weather proof, the vents & stove
   flue have been turned down out of plastic knitting needles.


Lc; The Lc with a 13ft wheel base were bigger to up the ton-age moved. This is an
   early version with La type ends, the later ones came out with pressed steel ends. This
   model with such a long wheel base had to have swivelling wheelsets to get round 8ft dia
   curves. Once again completely constructed  from styrene & castings from the AFR
   workshops. Proto-type consturcted 1957-58


L; Above left, the wagon was built up until the early 1900's & lasted a good 50 to 60 years in service. The model is styrene with pin heads for the bolt heads, grab rails are mig welding wire.

Xa; Above right, the Xa ia a ventilated van built from 1941-44. Its sides & chassis  are resin with a cardboard roof to get a canvas effect. Vents once again knitting needles!


Ub; The Ub is a general purpose bogie flat wagon use to carry just about anything. They were built between 1950-53, the model has wooden stakes & everything else styrene.

Snow Plow; There were 2 of these built in the Petone Workshops in June 1909 they were to based at the top & the bottom of the Raurimu sprial in the North Island,  neither plough saw service on the Main Trunk. The plough I modelled was used as a stop block in a cattle siding until 1934 when it was transfered to Ranfurly in the South Island for use on the Otago Central Rly . The model took 3 months to build as it kept getting pushed aside but with winter looming at the time it was decided to get moving again. Had just finished it a week before we had a dumping of snow so was tested before it was painted, the paint went on the following day 16-08-2004. The model is constructed of styrene & the odd bit of strip wood. The test results were a working model with the operator getting wet & cold!!!!!!!


30ft CLERESTORY VAN; This is a model of an early NZR Clerestory Guards Van, they were
   built around 1889 and saw service in both Islands of New Zealand. They were still being used up til the end of the steam era, some of the vans were converted to ballast plough vans, so were in service longer. I decided to model this particular stye of van because it is suited to the Rogers Q loco which I have in service on the railway. The model is constructed of styrene whith a set of Bachmann Bogies under it, the hand rails are welding wire and like all my models painted with a spray can. The colour is a bit brighter then I would have liked but was all that was available at the time so is closer to the more modern carnation red of NZR. Entered service on the AFR, 16-10-04.

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