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PNR Tank Car

Have decided to make a PNR Tank car to go with the caboose, with no plan I had alot of web surfing to do. With the surfing out of the way I came to the conclusion that the Aristo-craft single dome tanker would be in for the chop!!! So this should be a quick build.   

  Above Left; The single dome tank car made buy Aristo-craft, this is straight out of the box & has had very little running on the railway so its fate was sealed!!!  First job was to strip all the pieces that weren't required. Above Right; The chassis has been altered to suit the proto-type! Below Left & Right; This shows the 2 sides finished ready for painting. All the old hand-rail holes were glued & plugged, excess trimmed then sanded.  

Below; Hand rails have been added to the tanker, the platform below the dome has been extended out & new brackets made. The chassis has had new end supports made to the PNR shape for the tank to rest on, also a middle support has been added & rivetted into place!

I decided at the last minute to go with the later colour scheme of silver rather then the yellow! (mainly because I had a part tin of silver in the shed!!) With a stroke of luck the silver goes with the Garratt & looks like a auxiliary tanker made for the job!

Above Left; The finished tank car on the bridge, extra hand rails have been added to the tank ends.  Above Left; A close up of the dome details. The ladder is a metal-mesh filed down to size, the brackets under the foot board are builders staples bent to shape. Below; An over all shot of the foot board side, this tanker also has a chopper coupling at one end with a hook loop at the other. 

If other Aristo-Craft tankers come up at the right price you might see 1 or 2 more of these appear on the railway!!


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