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PNR Caboose

Above; 2 pictures of a PNR Caboose, these will be used as a guide. I have looked at many shots on the internet & every single caboose has differences so have decided to do FCD-6 but colour scheme my vary as will some details. The model will be as close to a PNR prototype as possible in its early days but with a modern paint scheme.  A big thanks must go to Brad Peadon for pictures & Farouk Tan for a cad drawing.  

 Well I have started, Above Left; Chassis is mainly complete & the body pieces laid out. Above Middle; A dry run with an end & other side placed on chassis. The sides are made out of 2mm styrene with the look-outs out of 1mm, the trucks are USA Trains. I am finding it a very interesting model to construct as I have to keep checking pictures for details & compereing sizes, there are so many variations to consider! Above Right; Close up of the detail on the side end windows, the bars are 1mm mig welding wire.

Above Left; 2 sides & the 2 ends complete with barred & mesh screened windows added. Above Left; Close up of the detail on the bay window, the square mesh look-out is 6mm X 7mm, They took some doing!

Above Left; Close up view of the door & windows with grills under the varanda end. The 4 main up-right poles can be seen awaiting the extra railings. Above Right; Roof is on with side flashings & gutters attached, still the end boards on the roof to do. 

Above Left; Side on shot of the finished caboose you might notice the chooper couplings instead of knuckle this is a personal choice that all my 1/24 models have choppers fitted.  Above Right; End view with all the railings being cut & glued seperately, I think this was the most important part of the model with all the levels & heights have to be so close to spot on! The main pipe frame is hollow tube with welding wire up the centre to reinforce it, with the result being quite strong.

Above Left & right; Showing detail of the railings, steps & the DIAMONDS!!!!!! What a job getting them to look the same, any way it is now ready for the paint shop........

Well it is Finished!!! 


Above 2 Pics; 2 end views of FCD-7, the red & grey were sprayed with the blue & black being brushed. The lettering is woodland scenics dry transfer. As mentioned before it should have knuckle couplers but personal preference for my 1/24 rolling stock I used choppers. Below; Side on shot of FCD-7, At the start I thought this model would be a easy one to construct but it had a few hidden challenges, end rails, the grill work on the windows & of course not seeing or having knowledge of the prototype before construction began.


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