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The AFR will slowly in time have more structures on the railway & will be added here. 

  {Water Vats}     


Above are 2 pictures of a NZR round water vat. The Vat itself is made out of PVC pipe scribed to get the wooden board effect, the bands around it are 1mm welding wire & are rusting up quiet nicely! The ladder & tank support are constructed from treated pine stripped down from 3"x1" off cuts. This has been outside since for 2 of the 3 railways since Jan 2001. 


{Coaling Stage}

{Engine Shed}

4 Span Steel Beam Bridge

This bridge is on its 2nd Railway. The beams are constructed out of wood & styrene with 300 dress pins for rivets in each beam it was under-coated with VHT red oxide with a top coat of clear. It has stood the test of time being outside since 2002. The piers are concrete, cast in a mould made from split pipe with a  spacer to get the flat between the curved ends. The bridges guide rails were drilled & tapped with machine screws to the sleepers, all this was done on the work bench then installed out-side. The piers are mortared in place on a concrete foundation with the beams floating on top.

Wooden Built Beam Bridge

This is the newest built bridge on the railway, No4 bridge is built out of treated pine stripped down to the required size. It is situated on the inside line from the loop to the yard, as you can see in the first photo still a bit more finishing to be done. 


Wooden Truss Bridge

No1 bridge is the oldest structure on the railway, it has survived 3 railways & is still very sound. It is made from treated pine with steel truss rods it has seen 15 years outside & is well over due for a coat of paint. The guide rails are laid straight on the sleepers with self tappers screw into them up from the bottom through the sleepers, this was done in place but the other 2 bridges the guide rails were drilled & tapped with machine screws all done on a work bench, Much, Much easier!!

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