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Thomas & Friends              

As a kid I was bought up on Thomas the Tank Engine with the stories being read to me by my father, back then it was the original stories written by the late Reverend Wilbert Awdry. This was the begining of the Railway bug! When Bachmann bought out the Thomas range in G all the old memories came flooding back, this is just a fun page where we can all be kids again & the kids of today can look & maybe get started in this great hobby! As you are never to old to play Trains.

Thomas, Annie & Clarabel along with Percy & his trouble-some trucks arrived at the Ashburton Forks Railway in Febuary 2010 for a visit & liked it so much that they spend alot of there spare time here. They get on really well with the other engines at the AFR even the Diesels from other Railways! 

Toby Finally Arrives!

Toby has finally arrived at the AFR, he trundled in one late cold afternoon. We are hoping that he will feel at home with his other friends here!!! Toby is one of those models that looks better in person then in pictures so we are very pleased to have him here! 


Above; Toby seen here on the AFR in the late afternoon sun. He arrived just in time to be the star attraction at my daughters 8th birthday where he was a big hit.

Emily Arrives With a Goods Train!

The day has arrived Emily is here, what an engine! She has the biggest set of wheels I have seen on a loco. As her coaches arrived sometime ago she arrived hauling a short goods train consisting of S.C.RUFFY the trouble-some 7plank wagon (I think he has been rebuilt after being pulled apart by Oliver & Toad, just hope he has learnt his lesson as the AFR doesn't want any disruption!) & at the rear a nice NW brake van. These are a welcome addition to the Thomas range & will turn heads where ever they may run!

Above; Emily arriving at the Railway with the short goods, looks like she is admiring the plants around her

Below Left; S.C.RUFFY looking splended in the sun, Below Right; The NW Brake van displays some good detail & would look great behind any English train.

Tankers Arrive!

2 new Tankers arrived on the Railway for Thomas & Friends, they are the Oil & Tar Tankers I think the oil will be used to oil all the locos bearings as it keeps the wear down, the Tar is ear marked for the roads to keep them in tip-top condition. All the locos will have to be very careful when shunting these not to spill the contents but I know the locos will be! Below; The 2 tankers in the late afternoon sun.

James Arrives

James the Red engine has arrived at the AFR to join Thomas & Percy, he joined us just after the August 2011 Update. Since his arrival he has been hard at work on the railway & even been to his first train show, he liked that very much as everbody made a fuss of him. Below; 2 pictures of James working hard hauling his train on the AFR.

Coaches For James?

The arrival of 2 new coaches to AFR has James all excited, Emily has kindly sent James her 2 coaches to look after for a while & I am sure he will do so. He has already been seen puffing around 2 train shows this month showing them off to everybody, even Thomas & Percy can see how proud James is when he hauls these 2 coaches. Below; James take delivery of the 2 new coaches on the AFR.

Set for Winter & New Arrivals!

Thomas was sent to the yard to pick up the new arrivals which were the blue & white milk tanker & the red & yellow  fuel tanker. While he was there he also visited the workshop to get his snow-plough fitted for the winter season, lets hope he won't have to use it! He does look a splendard site in the Winter sun.

Annie Conversion

I had a chance to get another Annie & Clarabel cheap so it got me to thinking what to do? I was watching Thomas on TV with my 2 Daughters & saw James hauling a passenger train with a redish rake of coaches with the last one having look-outs on the back. So this is my attempt........ 

Above Left; Annie has been stripped of glazing & had her face removed, the end windows have been filled in awaiting back detail. Above Right; The detail ribbing on the end is completed along with the lookouts. Below Left; A closer look at the lookout. The roof also needs some attention with different vents to be added. Below Right; The new roof detail, the 2 rows of vents had to be removed & replaced with a single row of round ones made from plastic knitting needles! As you can also see the finished livery.

Below Left; A close up view of the end detail, I decided to add white glazing to the look-out to break the mass off red colour on the back. Below Left; 3/4 view of the finished coach, entered service on 09-01-2011.


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