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August been solely a month to finish off the {70ft Turntable} and I am pleased to say it is finished!! I now hope to get into some other projects that are half way through with rolling stock & a new NZR loco being started, I'll give you a clue!

This will be a long term project as I have quite a few other ideas on the drawing board. Just to finish off for the month is an update to the {Picture Gallery} & {From the Workshop}, Till next month keep Modelling!!


This update is a catch up month with a couple of projects that are well on the way if not finished, firstly it is the {C16-No268}, this loco is a joint effort between three of us with the project starting in Auckland and finishing here at the AFR. Also more on the {70ft Turntable} with work progressing at a steady rate. All the best in Modelling......

JULY 2019

Has been a busy month, trouble is not on the railway (only if we didn't have to work). So we will continue on the {70ft Turntable} updates. I also hope to bring to the updates an American build of a C16 Class No268 which does not fit in anywhere of what I am modelling but still a very nice Locomotive, so will hopefully start updating that next month. Until then keep up the training!! 

JUNE 2019

We have been there, done that and booked into do it again next year!!! The open day was a great success and we wish to thank everybody who visited {Shows & Events}. New project (which is completed) {70ft Turntable}, This is what every loco depot needs & was a very interesting build which I take you through in stages. Lastly for the month, Below; The latest battery conversion done by the workshop a Painted Bachmann Anniversary, I had the White Pass lettering cut at my local sign writter here in Tinwald along with some to do the coaches, & the old MDC Roundhouse hoppers I converted (next months update). Until then keep training!!!

MAY 2019

Welcome to Mays update, we are still playing catch up on the web updates but the main focus is us gearing up for our open day on the 11th & 12 of this month, the shed has been cleaned out from top to bottom (I've never seen it so clean). 

We start this update with {From the Workshop} with F72 receiving a new form of motive power, also once again things have been altered in the shed to allow for more storage for longer trains by moving the display cabinets in {Inside Layout Construction}. Below; One of the new arrivals to the Railway this loco was carried by me all the way back from Melbourne, Australia. More pictures can be seen here in the {Picture Gallery} of a running day held shortly after arriving home.


Until Junes update where we will have pics of the open day enjoy the hobby & keep building!



APRIL 2019

During the break AFR has been through a few changes with projects both started & finishing. 

First off work had continued on the {Water Vats} with all 3 being finished and painted but once again when you get into a project you seem to forget to pick up the camera as often as you should. The {Coaling Stage} structure has also been painted, now it only needs the crane, buckets & coal to be added for completion. Something else require at a loco depot is light up wood {From the Workshop}, last but not least for this month is the restoration/rebuild of the oldest bridge on the railway No1 {Wooden Truss Bridge}.

Above; Ja1268 being prepared for a days work where Ab730 looks to be heading for a well derserved rest!



MARCH 2019

We are back!! After a 5 year break I am having to re-learn the process of web site building so please be patient. Quite a bit has changed on the AFR and over the next few months hopefully the site will be up to date as items have come & alot has gone to make room for the new. 

As mentioned in Decembers update AFR has gone in a new direction and this will be showen in the next few upates White Pass has a strong foot hold with kit-bashing taking place and happy to say NZR 1/24 is still being made even though not as quick as it should be! 

So sit back and enjoy the ride.....




 Hot Off The Press!!!! Ashburton Forks Railway is heading in a new direction!! A decision has been made that AFR is reducing its fleet to focus on Narrow Gauge. We will still hold the NZR 1/24 & Philippine 1/24 but the new-bee on the block is USA White Pass Railroad! To do this all standard 1/29 USA models have gone or going along with all the European models. We were finding that only certain trains were being run & new interests were being formed so changes had to take place. 

Above Left; New arrival to the Railway LGB 2-8-2 hauling new White Pass rolling stock. Above Right; The same train heading toward the Shed!

Work has been continuing on the {Water Vats}, {Coaling Stage} & the last piece added to the {Engine Shed}.  

Merry Christmas to you all!!!



Not much of the year left now!!! The weather is starting to settle & are getting some lovely days to get in the garden. The big news is that the {Engine Shed} is finished & ready for painting, this won't be happening until after the Convention. 

Above; The railway farewells its Southern Pacific GP38, it was decided that it just wasn't getting used enough so it has found a new home at I.D.K RAIL.

New on the work bench are three NZR {Water Vats}, 2 are round, one parallel & the other tapered & the 3rd is a rectangle vat. These will be placed in the loco depot when finished which is really starting to take shape.


It's only 5 months to the convention so if you haven't expressed interest to recieve the free NEWS updates then do so by emailing the above address to the Convention Convenor. 

Above; The start of the side wall of the coaling stage.

Here at the AFR I have realised there is not long to go til the convention so a few smaller projects have been planned to get the loco depot more like a steam depot!! 1st is a {Coaling Stage} this is currently being built, it will also have a coaling crane with buckets when finished. There are a couple of other projects in the planning stage more on this next month. Until then keep on training!!!




 It's taking a bit to get out of the Holiday mode but there is nothing like the 1st week back at work to do it!! Since being back I have found a suitable product for the spouting for the Engine Shed it should be here for next months update. In the mean time the doors have been made & mounted the finish line is in site for the {Engine Shed}, I am already scouting around for material for the next project. Until October keep on training!!!!




Better late then never!! Have just got back from Holiday with the family to the Philippines so am catching up on a few things. There will be another Update in the next couple of days when I get the camera up & going again!!! We were lucky to have a visit from the Rocky Creek Railway for a all NZR running day pics can be seen here {Picture Gallery}. AFR put on a static display at the local train show followed by a visit by all the exhibitors on the Saturday evening to see the railway in operation! 

By all the comments I think they all went away with a different outlook on Large Scale Modelling seeing such a variety of of rolling stock & of course seeing NZR being represented!!! Thats it at the moment & will post the September update soon!!! Keep on Training!


JULY 2014 


Trains on the Plains

Train Show

{Click for details}

The {Engine Shed} has been getting all the attention this month with weather boards completed & windows being made & fitted!! A bit of a blurb on how I did the windows can be seen here at {From the Workshop} they have come up not to bad if I say so myself.


So all that needs to be done now on the shed are the doors, spouting, down-pipes & the last row of nails on the roofing iron. The shed won't be painted until after the 9th National Garden Railway Convention. There was also a new arrival at the {Thomas & Friends} page, we are looking forward to see what Bachmann will bring out next. So until next month keep on scratch-building!


JUNE 2014

Half way through the year, where has it gone. This month hasn't been as busy as have been busy at work with extra hours so not much has been done but there might be some new arrivals for next month!!! Fingers crossed. We had the Tinwald Schools Wheels Week {Shows & Events} which was well received & are talking about making it 2 days next year. The {Engine Shed} is still being worked on with the weather boarding nearing completion. Now this month I would like to add to the Hobby Shop link!


I have been dealing with Robbie for 12yrs now & have had no problems at all. He stocks a great range from narrow to standard gauge at reasonable prices. Next month should bring the completion of the weather boards & the starting of the windows with jigs already being made. So until then Keep on Training!!!


MAY 2014

What a month!!!! The Railway has been under water in places with a week & a half of rain so have had workshop time on the {Engine Shed}. I am affraid that is the main update done! I don't usually do any advertising but I think there is a couple of outlets that I deal with that need a mention, this month the link below deserves a look, as they are one of the most helpful & obliging shops I have come across in a long time. By the amount of there product range & brands they stock they will be around for a long time!!!! I highly recommend them!!  

Now we have some news on a display that we are putting on for Ashburton Wheels Week, on the 17th of May at the Tinwald School Hall 10am to 3pm we will be displaying & running trains on a floor layout. American, European & of course some NZR will be there along with other displays of models that have wheels!! See you there, until next month keep modelling. 



APRIL 2014

The {Engine Shed} has had most of the attention this month with the roof going on & the flues being made. The big thing was deciding what to make the corrugated iron out of the result can be seen here, 

{From the Workshop} 

The Railway had a special visitor from America, it was a LGB 4 wheeled van doing a world tour running on different railways so we were lucky enough to take our turn with a Kiwi Loco at the front!!! Below; Ja1268 at the head of the local goods train with the visiting wagon 2nd wagon in, as you can see the wagon has been signed by other railway owners. Here is a link to follow the wagons progress (LINK)

Over the next few months I will be updating the {Links} as some of the sites haven't been updated for some time & will be adding a few new ones of places I deal with & sites of interest. So in the mean time I hope to get a few more running days in before winter!!! Until next month keep on Training!!! 



MARCH 2014

The weather is cooling down, I think we have had the best of our summer, a good reason to move indoors to do some modelling & this month I have been busy (for a change). The workshop has been in wagon mode with 2 {Ub} wagons being made. Below; The 2 new Ub wagons are seen bringing in a load of timber & trusses for the new Engine Shed. 

The Engine Shed has also seen alot of work done to it with walls, trusses & purlins being added to it, this can be seen here {Structures}! Below; 2 of the main work-horses of the railway have already made themselves at home in the new structure!!

Also a new picture has been added to the Christchurch Garden Railway Group's page of a members railway!!

A good start to the year all in all for the Railway, I hope it continues on to next month but you never no what is just around the corner with work & jobs around the home!! Until next month, keep those trains rolling!


This month has been one of the most enjoyable in the history of the AFR with a 3 day running weekend with a close few friends taking part with trains of all kinds being run, pictures & discription of the run can be seen here {Picture Gallery}. Of course {Ja1268} featured, this was her main running in, after adding up the circuits she had down 1268 had travelled 2.8 actual kilometres with-out a problem. So was very pleased!!! 

Above; 1268 passing over No3 bridge with a light goods train.

I have decided to add a page to promote our local group, this can be accessed by clicking on the groups logo to the left of the page once in there are a few pictures of railways that host our get togethers & of course the AFR takes its turn too!

Below; AFRs White Pass rolling stock has an outing on a late afternoons freight, since this picture we have just taken delivery of 2 x LGB 2 bay White Pass hoppers so this will make a nice train. 


Now I have to decide what is next on the work bench, I think that I have to build a couple more NZR wagons to increase the stock as locos are starting to take over!!! So will have some direction for you all next month, Until then Happy Modelling!!!!  




Happy New Year to you all & I hope 2014 will be a safe one for you all. Well it is amazing what you get done when a new year is bearing down on you!! {Ja1268} has had the final spell in the work shop & now wears a lovely coat of Black. The railway had a visit from a fellow modeller from Auckland & of coarse we had to have a run, & he bought a Train!

Above; The visiting Train was an Accucraft Baugley Drewery Diesel with two Accucraft Lynton and Barnstaple Railway open wagons. The other wagon is a scratchbuilt one very loosely based on a L&BR wagon, and the small one is running on the Woodford Railway (Durandur Railway) north of Brisbane. This wagon is built of styrene on a LBG “feldbahn” chassis. The guards van is a Welshpool & Llanfair Railway one that I repainted as Southern Railways to run on the L&BR. I have used the premise that the L&B carried on and has acquired stock from other railways as they succumbed to the cutters torch.

Above; AFRs Garratt ventured North to a railway opening in Rolleston.

To finish off is a bit of a taste of things to come for next month Below; Ja1268 in its finished state this is the only pic I have taken but next month there will be more, as I will be spending time running it in. Until then Happy Modelling!!



December is here, not long now to get your last orders in to Santa!!!

On the depot front all turnouts have been completed & are operational, this includes all the wiring etc. I have also been busy helping fellow Garden Railway Modellers get there Railways up & going so not alot has really happened on the AFR this month. the little that has been done can be seen here at {Inside Layout Construction} & {Structures}. Until next month keep modelling!!!




Well, it will soon be the end of the year the way the days are flying by! This month Ja1268 goes for a run outside for the first time, pictures of this can be seen here at {Picture Gallery}. There is one down side though, looks like she won't be painted before Christmas as time is against us. 

We have a new priority the 'Loco Depot', I have to get all the track laid & wired up before Christmas. This months progress can be seen here at {Inside Layout Construction}

Above; My first attempt at hand laying track!!



This month we have been busy on the Loco Depot with all the base boards being done, it has made a pleasant change doing something different on the Railway instead of modelling. (Still have been thinking of future projects) progress can be seen in the {Inside Layout Construction}

Ja1268 will be dismantled ready for painting after the last week of October, it is hoped to have it all back together for our December club meeting!!! The presure has been applied.




 Busy, busy month this month for the Railway, inside the shed any way! First off {Ja1268} is finally ready for the paint shop (Seen Below), the plan is to paint her when the weather warms up in a month or so. 

Construction has started inside on the yard & the new loco depot, this is comming along in great leaps & bounds, progress can be seen here at {Inside Layout Construction}. The plan is to make the 2 loco depot modules lift out of a permanent frame for taking to shows & events where space is limited, I have a funny feeling this could be quite a long project with track being hand laid & turnouts being constructed!!

Just to finish off is a great video of us 'G-Scalers' at the Timaru Train Show! This was taken by one of our younger members, I think he got a good over all coverage of our display. Until next time keep those trains running.




Welcome to the new month, well alot to report but did not find the time to get it done with one thing or another!! Any way I can tell you the Ja is finally ready for the paint shop, more on this next month. Ja1268 also attended her first train show at Timaru along with all the Thomas friends, thay were all received very well. One comment that got back to me about the Ja was "where could I buy the kitset of that", she's one of a kind! A few pictures can be seen here {Shows & Events}, also things have been changing in the shed with the yard being ripped up, lengthened & relaid getting ready for the new loco depot up the centre. Next month I will have pictures of this & of course the Ja!! Until then enjoy the Hobby.



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