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Rectangular Water Vat

Now this is one of the projects that I completely forgot to take pictures of so hopefully the pictures of the finished article will be enough!!



Round Water Vats

Once you have a loco depot that services steam locos you need all the structures that go with them!! It was decided to start with the basics and of course you need water to make steam. 

 After selecting the correct sized pipe for the job I scribed the sides to get a timber effect, I found this easier then sticking strip wood around the sides. Below Left; I used mig welding wire for the bands & here can be seen how I secured it to the tank by drilling 2 holes close to each other pushing the wire through & beading it over then tightening around the tank, then pushing it through the 2nd hole. Once through bead it over & place a drop of glue to fasten it in place. Below Right; The outside view with the wire all in place, I made some small u-pins to help hold the wire in place & give a good effect. Where the starting & finishing point is I placed a small piece of half round over the join to make it look like a clamp. These were made from an old lollipop stick!! (Nothing wasted)  


Above Left; The start of making the top, this is 2mm styrene grooved to look like planking. We still have the access hatch to make. Above Right; Tapered vat is on the left with the parallel on the right.

Above Left; The legs, top & bottom surports are all cut to length with attaching plates riveted to the legs. Above Right; 1 set of surports ready to go with bracing applied.

Above; 3 views of the finished stand with all the bracing applied & the bearers for the tank to sit on attached. The main foundations are dressed timber that I will paint & weather as concrete later, these are glued & screwed to the base board. The stand is only screwed to these so the vat can me removed for transporting. Below Left; The stand is being attached to the Vat itself, glued & pinned with weight being applied. Below Right; The laddersides & rungs have all been cut, recessed ready for assembly.


Below Left; Once the ladder was done the top of the vat had a top attached which was scribed styrene with an access hatch, Below Right; Also added was the lever arm detail with chain attached, the arm was made & shaped from a cardboard carton staple which I have found very useful in other projects as well! 

Above Left; This shows the detail of the bottom ot the tank all handrails are construction tie wire & the hose is electrical shrink which you can heat ever so lightly to keep its shape. Above Right; Here's the finished vat ready for painting, the feed water pipe from the baseboard to the tank is a couple of felt pen tubes which have seem to have done the job. I have now made 3 round vats woth the out side one now needing a refit for the 2nd time, this may not happen due to other projects on the go. The 1st two pictures below show the parallel vat followed by the tappered (ever so slight! But it is there.).


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